6 Tips to Boost your Restaurant Business During Covid-19 Quarantine

6 Tips to Boost your Restaurant Business

It is not a secret that the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the world’s economy very hard, and the restaurant businesses were first on the line to close their doors and faced an immediate cut of their daily revenues.

The question that arises in each restaurant owner’s mind is how to successfully navigate their business in this time of crisis by keeping it afloat and how to exactly enhance their restaurant business performance in such difficult times?

We have hand-picked these 6 very clever strategies to assist hospitality industry owners to maintain end even boost their sales during the time of the pandemic. Let’s check them one by one before we go into details:


1. Introduce new technology for creating contactless QR code menus

2. Adding a home delivery and pick up from store options

3. Maintaining a connection with regular customers

4. Use social media ads to launch special offers, coupon codes, and even free meals

5. Offer DIY meal kits for new customer experience

6. Think of creative ways to reduce your expenses


Zebra QR is the right tool to transform your old paper menu into a smart, modern contactless digital menu.


When it comes to hygiene and general safety in the restaurant business, the new smart technology comes in handy. Seriously think about implementing a smart contactless digital menu for your business. These menus are easily edited, which helps you reduce costs for re-printing or revamping your old paper menus. And most of all, your customers will have full access to your menu digitally, by scanning the QR Code without the need to touch a menu hardcopy, thus avoiding the spread of viruses and germs. QR Code menus are an intelligent and attractive tool to build your brand awareness and it is the safest way to present your offer to the customers.

Adding a home delivery and pick up from store options


Arrange home delivery and make your dishes available to your customers even when closed due to the quarantine.


Your hospitality business may already have included delivery options. This is mostly the case with pizzerias, snack bars, fast foods, or coffee bars. However, classic restaurants and lounge bars that function mainly with dine-in options, may not have considered offering home delivery – that is- until now. Imagine your regular customers that once enjoyed dining in and indulging in your delicious recipes, will now be able to have their favorite dish in the comfort of their homes. If you think that home delivery will increase your costs of arranging staff and means for transport, you might use some third-party delivery companies. You can check your local business guide for finding the best quality companies that arrange such services. Of course, you can always arrange for pick up from store options. Having already a smart QR menu will help your customers chose their order right from their smartphone and order online!

Maintaining a connection with regular customers

Collect your customers’ emails from online orders and plan a subtle yet powerful connection to keep your customers engaged.


We are sure your loyal and regular customers just hate the idea their favorite place is being closed due to the Covid-19 safety measures implemented by the governments worldwide. Moreover, cooking and eating every day at home may be challenging for many people out there, and it contributes to the feeling of monotony. You can collect customers’ emails from the online delivery requests and send them newsletters, special offer notifications, and other promotions in order to increase your overall sales. You can also inform your customers on a regular basis about the safety measures you have taken to improve the protection and offer healthy and safe dishes. This will always stay imprinted in their memory and your customers will always gladly come back to order over again feeling satisfied and protected.

Use social media ads to launch special offers, coupon codes, and even free meals

Post special offers, free meal for hospital staff, and food inspired quotes through your social media profiles


Getting full advantage of the social media platforms to keep your business alive and kicking in the midst of a crisis is crucial. During lockdowns, people do have spear time which they gladly use scrolling on their smartphones and checking the news feeds. Think about posting on a regular basis on your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, with smart banners and attractive quotes. Always make sure to use high-quality images for your banners and coupon code links that will lead your customers to your menu landing page. You can make special deals for family meals with a certain discount and even make free meal offers for hospital staff and nurses that are on the front line during the times of pandemics. The latter will surely boost your brand awareness, as giveaways always contribute to improving the overall image of your business. This will always be associated with your brand name and customers will surely choose your restaurant in the future. 

Offer DIY meal kits for new customer experience


Meal Kits for food and cocktails are a marvelous idea to bring your recipes to your customers’ homes

This is an excellent idea, and it adds value to your regular menu offer. Imagine the enthusiasm of a loyal customer to cook your restaurant’s favorite dish at home. You might think one would not like to pay in order to cook their meal, but this is far from the truth. In times like these, where people are forced to stay at home, a meal kit may be a perfect idea to enrich family gatherings around the table. Surprising their loved ones with super tasty recipes will sure make their moments unforgettable. Of course, your business brand name will benefit from sales revenue as much as your customers from their new experience.



Think of creative ways to reduce your expenses


Search for alternative ways to reduce your costs without losing the quality

Last but not least, reconsider the possible alternatives to reduce your costs. Of course, you must maintain your products’ quality level, but you can cut costs by replacing your old, more expensive suppliers with new ones that cost less. Make your research on the local market and villages to look out for family farmers that produce fresh ingredients with nice quality, but not as expensive. Moreover, you can use the data gathered from your digital menu in order to realize what is your top-selling dish and focus on promoting and investing in that particular one, rather than keeping your menu fully available. This will reduce your supply costs. Finally relying on your knowledge, instincts, and technology data, you will be able to sail through this crisis with fewer costs and increased revenue.








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