About Zebra QR Menu Technology

About Zebra QR

Zebra QR Code Usage Takes Off

In response to COVID Pandemic, restaurants have gone big with QR codes, and those dotted squares are now featured everywhere on menus, flyers, stickers, sidewalk signs, and more. They’re famous for providing a touch-free experience because they’re easy to use and open up a new world of benefits.

We're Not Just Digitizing

We're reinventing the menu

With just one QR Code!

Your order volume will increase to at least 30% with the usage of the Zebra QR contactless digital menu.


Years Experience

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or Just point your phone camera at the code.

FAQ's & Samples

Get your business on the first page!

We take care of you and in just a few hours, we have the ability to program the menu, selection of the profile picture and cover photo, add products, and we are ready for orders

It’s a game 😊. Zebra QR offers a high-quality platform and continues to develop, we can edit our dynamic codes on the fly.

No. You are not required to enter your credit card at sign-up. You will need to enter a valid credit card or payment in order to keep the service active for you.

  • With our ULTIMATE plan, you will get a notification inside the Zebra QR admin dashboard. – We have a notification application for mobile. – We can provide a printing function and orders can be printed.

Yes, PayPal and Stripe payment systems are available for online payments. For more details and payments options please feel free to contact us.

How Customers Use The QR Codes

Today’s smartphones have built-in QR Code readers with the camera, so there’s no special app to install. This creates very simple steps for customers:

  1. Point a phone camera at a QR code and wait for just a few seconds.
  2. A notification will pop up that, when clicked, will send you to a web page.
  3. These web pages can be anything – online menus, social media, ordering forms, and much more.
  4. Enjoy the menu on your phone, then enjoy your meal!

How Restaurants Use Menu QR Codes

QR Codes are a missing link between traditional and digital marketing. They extend the value of any printed piece by taking customers to the web. Most restaurants start with a simple link to a digital menu:

  1. Decide where you want customers to go online. Typically, to a contactless menu.
  2. Generate a QR code. Often, you can do this right in your design program.
  3. Place the code into a piece to be printed as you would any other graphic.
  4. Repeat for as many different marketing pieces as you please. There is no technical limit.
  5. Even put a code linking to your digital menu inside your printed menu. Or a code that links to a daily specials page.
  6. Post your marketing pieces in your windows, doorways, on tabletops, and curbside. Your customers will take advantage of the codes!