Zebra QR Restaurant Menu Management

Zebra QR Menu

We design Your Restaurant Menu in no time

We get complete control over the creation of your Restaurant menu in a matter of minutes. Zebra QR contactless digital menu resolves many problems for your Business in less time than ever before.

In contrast to the traditional menu Zebra QR contactless menus delivers a beautiful graphical guest experience with image content helping diners visualize before ordering.
Best of all, there’s no app to download; just tap or scan a contactless menu card.


The traditional menu reinvented for the dine-in and new generation experience

Zebra QR digital restaurant menu create & deploy a contactless QR Code menu at counters, tables, or doors. Smartphone users point their cameras at the QR Code until a notification pops up. Tapping the notification opens up your menu in PDF or image format, plus Zebra QR offers various options for your menu ordering solution.

Our solution includes everything you need to get started in zero time with contactless dining. It offers a variety of features that you can pick and choose per your specific needs. Zebra QR offers multiple free delivery options.

What does Zebra QR
Direct Ordering From Table
Call The Waiter Option
Our Menu Speaks
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Work Process

How we Work

Catalogue design

We design and add the products to platform, easily and quickly.

Catalogue Review

In commiounication with you we send you the catalog for approval.

Sending QR Labels

We send you the specially shaped labels, which have the QR code printed on.

Scanning the QR-menu

Customers scan the QR-code from their mobile phones, and see you catalogue.

Let's Connect Together

Consignment of catalogue files

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